I'm Moving And My Tank Will Be Down 2 Weeks

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Craigers76, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Craigers76

    Craigers76New MemberMember

    I'm moving at the end of this month and I've decided to change my 120 gallon tank up . My local pet shop will buy my plants and fish so I'll be starting again new . Would it be worth keeping my 2 10 gallon tanks going with a couple small fish just to use the water in the 120 when starting out ? And what's the best way to store flourite gravel for a couple weeks . I was thinking of cheap 5 gal buckets and poke a hole in the bottom to drain. I'm sure starting up again will be a slow process but want to avoid any pitfalls so and suggestions are veary welcome . The tank itself is a 120 with 2 cascade canister filters 3.5 wpg of 6700 lighting and a full co2 system . The picture is the tank now but I want to try some new plants and fish and I'm building a new stand .

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  2. James17

    James17Well Known MemberMember

    Saving the water will not do anything for you. The five gallon buckets with holes for a drain would probably be okay to save your substrate.
  3. OP

    Craigers76New MemberMember

    I was just wondering if the 10 gallon tanks would help put some bacteria back in the new tanks and I could store the bacteria ring bags from my filter in the tanks . With some guppies wouldent the bacteria survive ?
  4. James17

    James17Well Known MemberMember

    Yeah, if you kept the filter running in the ten with some guppies that would save the BB in the filter.
  5. sfsamm

    sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    I would advise against poking holes in buckets to drain... First sand will come out of those holes second if it's only going to be a couple or three weeks I'd keep the sand wet (drained but still wet) in a covered bucket. Give it a quick rinse with the hose when setting back up. It'll get really really dusty of you dry it back out again. At least in my experience it seems the dust is much worse after it's been wet then dried.

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