I'm just wondering.

  1. Katesfish Initiate Member

    I was just wondering about this. My fish, Frank, spits out his food. Like, I feed him a pellet, and he'll go for it, chew it a little, and then spit it back out. I know he's not full, because he always goes back for it, and eventually swallows it. There isn't a problem, but I was just wondering why he might do this. Thanks!
  2. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    He may be waiting for it to get soft. Or he could just be playing with his food. You can try soaking the pellet in a bit of tank water to soften it a bit before feeding, and see if he still does it.

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  3. mrgoogls Member Member

    it could very well be what lexi has said. he might just want it softer. try that, if that doesnt work, then i dont know:D it is probably that or just playing with it:) does he do that with other food like frozen shrimp or worms?
  4. tpasser2 Member Member

    I agree with what Lexi said. It's probably better for digestion as well if it gets softer first.