I'm having a bad day...


So Indra's finrot is officially back. He never grew his fins back, so they're just getting shorter and shorter, so its back into tetracycline for the moment because I am TOTALLY broke (I have 63 cents and whatever I can get from returning my roommate's popcans to keep me happy for the next week) and can't afford something new.

The girl who was going to take my betta tank for the summer now can't, so I have two weeks to find someone responsible who can care for them all summer. In case you didn't know, or didn't remember, I'm going to Alaska and my job is a ten days on, four days off position so basically there's no way I could take even one fish with me, it just wouldn't be worth the stress to my fish.

And to top it all off, my computer and my car are not working right. And like I said, I'm completely broke so I can't afford to fix them.

why couldn't life be simple.


Hang in there emilai. I'm sorry about your bad day. I know how frustrating it is to have so many things to deal with at a time. The key is to keep breathing and remember that all together things might seem impossible but if you just take one thing at a time anything is do-able.

I am sorry that Indra is still afflicted with fin rot, but if his water is kept clean and warm, he will pull through. I am also dealing with the dreaded finrot with my betta boys. We just need to do our best.

I hope you can find someone to care for your fish while while you are in Alaska for the summer. I wish you luck in solving your problems.

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Well, as long as luck is with me I think I found a girl to take care of my bettas. She's a biology major and has helped with my birds before so as long as her parents approve it, she'll take them and I trust her ... I still want Indra to be healthy again before I leave but if he isn't I can show her what to do for him and hopefully all will be well. The girl who was planning to take them originally is just too jumpy to be comfortable with my leaving a sick fish with her. I trust her to do her best but she's just one of those people who will freak out if something goes wrong. her sister is even worse, but she's only going to be dealing with goldfish and I have her trained to stay calm-ish when she thinks something is wrong with them, as her own fish have had some problems in the past. Anyway, crossing my fingers that as of Wednesday I will have people to take all of my fish for the summer. The community tank is nearly healthy after a short ich outbreak (still medicating but we're almost through and its cleared up so ).


I'm glad you found the biology major to care for your betta.. sounds like a good choice to care for Indra.

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