I'm going to throw up :'(

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I came home from a friend's house just a little bit ago and was going to feed my fish. I immediately felt like something was wrong.

something was..


I noticed Auron in the tank.. his fins completely ripped apart..

I freaked out BAD... and tried to see if he was alive..

he's dead...

idk what to do... i'm like... what the heck.. he was soo happy earlier.. nobody was bugging him.. and I was going to get him his own tank soon...

idk.. this is so horrible.. and the scene was soo sickening...


I know you were all pressing for me to get him his own tank, and I was... I was soo nervous about putting him in the 2.5 because I needed it for acclimation and for a hospital, and I probably should have put him in there... but.. this sucks :'(
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I'm sorry to hear about ur baby boy... I recently lost one of my bettas too
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yeah I don't think i've ever been this upset over losing a fish.

I was teaching him tricks and he was learning them pretty fast. One was during feeding time, i'd place a small net in and he'd go to it, and i'd feed him from the net (so other fish would not disturb him).

He would also know when i'm there, and would quickly swim to the front of the tank and look at me. it was cute

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Oh no... I'm so sorry for your loss - it's terrible to lose any fish, but losing a betta just cuts to the heart. So, so, sorry *HUG*

... and this is why we don't put bettas in community tanks... aggression can happen in a blink of an eye, and often when we're not looking.
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Yeah, no joke..

He was such a gorgeous fish too... the 2 red fins at the front were so striking, and he was such a majestic blue.. he was awesome..

I am hoping to find a betta similar to him and give him my 2.5 gallon tank (until I can get a 5- gallon or larger.. preferably a 10 gallon)
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oh no!! you lost a betta?? So sorry to hear that. I adore my bettas, they are so special. they each have a tank of their own. Sorry again!
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Sorry so much your loss of Auron. Please don't beat yourself up over the loss and don't give up on the great betta fish hobby because of it. I'm sorry about the hard lesson you have endured, but at the same time heartened by the love you obviously had for Auron. You are obviously a great betta parent, appreciate them and have endured a hard ending. Please don't give up. We need people like you who care!
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We're sorry you lost Auron. Unfortunately, things in a community tank can change suddenly and without warning so it's hard to predict when something like that will happen. :'(
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Oh noooo. I am so sorry you have lost him. He sounds like he was so special. I really hope you can get that sort of a relationship with the next one.

Please don't beat yourself up. We all need to make our own experience sometimes.

I don't think the 5G are that much more expensive than the 2.5G, by the way, so perhaps it would be an idea to go for 5G already?
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I'm so sorry for your loss, it's so hard to lose a special pet.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Thanks everyone for your kind suppourt.

I'm planning today to look at Bettas. I may bring one home, but am not sure.

A 5-gallon tank would be nice, and I'll look at them, and so I'll let you know all know what happens.
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The 6.6g bookshelf tanks are VERY popular with the bettas. The shape and size of the tank is great for them.
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Sorry for your loss. Not much I can offer than that.
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The 6.6g bookshelf tanks are VERY popular with the bettas. The shape and size of the tank is great for them.

where can you get one? They look amazing
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I got a bookshelf tank at petco on friday, it was $50 with a filter and light valentino is quite pleased with it
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Sorry :'( you lost Auron, and glad you will be keeping future Bettas by themselves. The 6.6 tanks are great for bettas, like others have said.
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Yea, it's the only thing we go into Petco for. Hate going in there, but our Bettas are worth it.
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Aw, I'm so sorry you lost Auron, and had to see such a sad sight. He sounds like a wonderful boy, and had a very caring parent. Don't give up on youself OR the bettas - we live, we learn!
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I have lost bettas and they are hard to lose. Please do not beat yourself up for this. Auron would not want to see you do that. He loved you or he would not have interacted with you. You can rescue another betta in his name and that would be a great memorial for him. You will make a great betta parent and will have learned some things from this experience and can go from here and be better for it. We all made our mistakes and had to learn from them and we are willing to go on and bettas are hopefully benefitting for it. I am so sorry for your loss and my deepest sympathies go out to you. I do know what you are going through.


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