I'm Getting Slightly Annoyed

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    mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    So a few days ago, I found a little molly swimming around. Not too sure who had him/her. I named her Alexa because she was pretty big, not likely to die or anything like that. The next day I found another one which I named Coconut. Then I found one which was smaller than Alexa and Coconut and I named him Alonzo. Then I found one the same size as Alonzo and named her Pebbles.
    They were swimming around quite happily in their pairs and then suddenly I woke up one morning and Alexa and Alonzo are gone.

    I don't see why those two would just die like that. They were too big to get eaten and they looked pretty healthy.
    I'm just getting annoyed because over the last few months I have had lots of deaths(Sooty- old age, Comet-old age, Chalky-old age /labour problems, Wiggle- deformity issues, Demi-mystery death and now Alexa and Alonzo)
    Any thoughts on why they just disappeared? I'm just sad because I liked them.
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    PAND3MIC Member Member

    They could have very well jumped out, I have had similar issues in the past with my ropefish which jumped through a .5 x 4 inch slat, and my dojo loach was missing for a few hours and I found him in the sink next to my tank. He luckily survived. I would check around. You could also look in the filter, my Half-Banded Spiny Eel used to sit in it to rest.
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    mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    I have a lid on my tank. They can't jump out. They could be in a place they used to sit when they were young, but I have done feeding time lots of times since then and they haven't come for it.