I'm Getting Freshwater Hatchetfish!


So I'm getting a new schooling fish for my 70g tank... Freshwater Hatchetfish! I plan on making a school of 12, and my tank already has: 3 Yoyo loaches, 2 Bristlenose Catfish, 6 Corydoris, and 3 Endler Guppies. I've been doing my research and am going to make a nice new mesh lid for my tank, and stuff all the cable holes with cotton. I understand they love and need a lot of hiding places at the very top of the tank so I'll be ordering some duckweed and adding in my old turtle drydock. I'd like to be recommended some plants on some websites that deliver to Australia, and anything else I may need to keep these fish happy.

Nicholas pilgrim

Although all your fish are peaceful just make sure when you add the hatchet fish that none that they aren’t being stressed. I also live in Australia and I have used a place called AllFish2U to get plant delivered. I’ve only used them once and don’t remember how long it took or what it was like however I still have the plant and it came with no algae or snails.


I would suggest on adding other types of vegetation, such as vals will will naturally drape across the top of the tank (provide refuge from above and to the side) and other floating plants such as water lettuce or amazon frogbit which the roots of these plants form a good hiding place.

Duckweed is rather 'sparse' in comparison, and they may hide away even though there is cover... (and duckweed can be a nuisance, while larger plants are a lot easier to deal with IMO)

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