Im Excited!!! My new tank **** 50 Gallon Tank 

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outside tank

MikeNTX said:
I dont have any experience with keeping fish outside. Ive read on this site that severe swings in temps can stress out your fish. It sounds like it gets pretty cold and very hot out in your neck of the woods. That might limit what kind of fish could take the conditions??

Im still a super noob, but Im sure someone with actual hands on experience will chime in soon. Keep the thread updated with pics! I dig the setup
Gday Mike,

i have read the same and since have been doing some homework, you can get 300watt heaters but, you need gaurds so fish dont get hurt if they swim too close and the power useage is through the roof and you still have to turn up or turn down weather pending, the list goes on...sooooo, i was thinking of going with some nice koi or some large gold would kinda mimick a pond really just a tank instead...but thanks for you thoughts and yeh im not going to rush into it and just try as such but do the rite thing by the fish...****
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