I'm Concerned/confused About My Nerite Snail.

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    TinaJen New Member Member

    So my sister's 10 gallon has one male Betta and my nerite snail, which I've had for previous for 9 months, they've lived together for the last 3 or so months with no problems. I know that Bettas can be aggressive but my sister really wanted my 10 gallon tank when I upgraded for a 30 for her betta but I could not get the snail out, he was refusing to move so she now has them living together ( it's pretty cute, the other day the betta was using the snail for a pillow ) anyways the weird thing is I just noticed a BABY snail in the water! What?! There's no other snail in there. I'm not sure what to do now... seriously really confused and not sure what to do to insure the health and happiness of the snail ( Gary) and the baby and the Betta ( Bear). Help... oh and if I see one baby does that mean there might be more in the tank.

    I was all flustered when writing this I forgot to add in the fact it's a freshwater tank and I thought the snail eggs only hatched in saltwater.... seriously confused as to how the snail even had babies with no other snail contact in over nine months.

    This is a pic of the baby nerite snail. It climbing on the glass KIMG0295.JPG

    A BABY Snail!!! What?! There is a baby snail in my 10 gallon. I'm really confused how it got there because I've had the one snail (Gary) for over nine months and he's tank mates with a betta. I'm concerned if it's even a nerite snail or a bad snail. And very very confused how it was even hatched because it's a freshwater tank. Help. Need more info. He's climbing the glass in the pic and Gary is behind him. KIMG0295.JPG KIMG0293.JPG
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    Do you have any live plants in your tank?:)
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    That 'baby nerite' looks like a pond snail....
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    If u added any live plants or a anything it could have came from that.
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    TinaJen New Member Member

    No live plants just silk ones.
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    Well it cant be from the nerite snail. I had a male and female in my 20gallon but they never bred because they cant in freshwater.
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    TinaJen New Member Member

    That's the confusing part, I have a Freshwater water tank with only one snail and silk plants, artificial decorations and sand. What could I have put in the tank that might have a ' pond ' snail on it?

    Here is another pic the baby is circled Effect_20180516_114638.jpg
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    tjander Well Known Member Member

    Hitched a ride on the net? Or cleaning gear? Maybe. I would remove it unless you want bunch’s of them.