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Ok first question group here is; how do I sex them? Why is one more plump than the other? Where, and on what do they lay their eggs? And do they lay them in a clutch or scattered?

(Why these questions?) I have albino WCMM and one is more plump than the other. I could only find info on fat head minnows (I think it was) on identifying genders.

Second group of questions: Are the normal silver/brown minnows found in like shuswap lake of the same family/genus/minnow group? Are they ok to be housed as pets if I do catch any (I did read the Alberta sport fishing laws, etc)? What is their breed/species name if they aren't a WCMM?

I'm mostly asking because as young child I always wanted to have those wild minnows as pets (and I still do). Most of what I found of domestic minnows originate in China/Asia as the WCMM.


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WCMM are from Asia as you said, so the minnows you're seeing near you certainly aren't WCMM. You can certainly try keeping them as pets, but I would keep them separate from any other fish you currently have just in case the wild fish are carrying anything nasty.

Females are more plump than males, and males will be a bit more decorated and show-offy. WCMM scatter their eggs and they'll just fall into/onto wherever, and won't be stuck to surfaces like cory or angel eggs do. I wouldn't expect fry to be successfully raised unless you have a heavily planted tank where the parents can't eat the eggs or the fry.
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