I'm clueless about bulbs!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by mmolitor87, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Alright, maybe you light gurus can help me! I have a 60 gallon with a 4" footprint. Essentially the same as a 55, just a bit taller. It's marineland and thus came with bulbs marked as F15/T8 Marineland Daylight. I cannot find any constant information about the bulbs except that they are 15w. Currently my tank is considered low-light because of this. I would like to find replacement bulbs but I have absolutely no idea how to go about searching!

    Should I be measuring the bulb length, fixture length, or entire hood length? I'm honestly just tempted to scrap the hoods and get a glass top with a 48" fixture and call it a day. I would still like my curiosity sated, though. :)
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    You can not really increase the light out put by just changing bulbs. The ballast in the fixture determins the wattage driving the floresant tube. I am assuming you want to grow higher light level plants. If that is the case I would agree that a new glass top is in order.
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    Good advice. Yes if you really want to get into some better lighting your best bet is to get a new fixture. They do make retrofits that will go in place of your current fixture but I have never used one personally. A 2 bulb t5ho would be good for that tank to put you in around medium lighting.
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    If you were to just replace the bulb, I would remove it from the ballast and measure it that way. At least that is what I do, or check the bulb - usually it lists a length on the writing.
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    No length, it's utterly useless. I'm actually not even after high-light for plants. They wouldn't survive due to my cichlids. I want them to improve the overall appearance of the tank and to bring out the color of my fish. After seeing the brightness output by the zoomed ultrasun bulbs in my 10g I thought of bringing the same change to my larger tank. :)

    Thanks all, again! :D
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    Take the bulb out and take it with you to the store... That way you can have them recycle the old bulb for you and you can make sure you get a bulb that fits.
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    the bulbs should all be a standard size. do you have one bulb or two? take a tape measure and measure the length. if you only have one bulb and it goes across the whole tank then this is prob the one you want.

    as said this will not give you higher light, if you want higher light you will have to get a new fixture. this one would be a good choice for med light being your tank is very tall....

    remember with med to high light you might have to add co2 and or ferts so you dont have a algae problem.

    edit never mind not for plants lol.... you could do only 1 t5-HO, it should brighten up your tank and still be low light... also the bulb i suggested above is more for plants and is kinda dim. that company does make others that are brighter though..
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    Pretty darn sure he already got this figured out :)
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    o i didnt notice it was form the 5th thanks cichlidnut :)
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    Hehehe I did indeed get it figured out! Thanks, though. :) Ended up going with 18" zoo med lights. Kept the old ones just in case, and if I ever need to recycle them I can just take them to work. I work with computers so we recycle random things all the time!