I'm back!

  1. ShaynaB

    ShaynaB Well Known Member Member

    Hi all,

    So I've been pretty much absent on the forums for the last 6 months or so but I used to be on here a bunch. I got pretty sick and ended up having surgery over the summer but I'm feeling great now and back into my fish addiction! ;)

    Unfortunately I had to give away most of my fish (Not my bettas though! I wouldn't let them have my boys!) because I couldn't keep up with the water changes and such even though my parents and brother stepped in a lot to help out. I just couldn't deal with the thought of me hurting my fish because I couldn't take care of them.

    And then two of my betta boys died. My very first betta passed away a couple of months ago now. He lasted a long time though. Maybe 4 years or so. He had a good long life and he was very very old. Also, I had rescued a boy from a pet store that had thrown him in with some aggressive fish that nearly killed him and was working to regrow his nearly chewed off fins but they got infected after a while and he just didn't make it.

    That said, I still have one spunky boy who has a 10 gallon all to himself and a 5 gallon that has one very lonely otto in it because I've had a hard time replacing my very first boy. it was his tank for 4 years... I think I might be ready to go get a spunky little girl for it though. :D Or maybe another boy... decisions decisions.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say hi!
  2. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello ShaynaB and Welcome back! Glad to hear you're feeling better!
  3. peacemaker92

    peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Welcome back to Fishlore, Shayna. So sorry for your losses. Hope you can find another cool boy soon. Glad you feel better now too. Good luck! :;hf
  4. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi Welcome back!
  5. s

    shellbell4ever Well Known Member Member

    Welcome Back :)
  6. Beth1965

    Beth1965 Well Known Member Member

    Good to see you back, you'll be back to your fishies in no time.
  7. Tony G.

    Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    Good to see you back! Also congrats on the recovery and sorry for your losses.