I'm Back! 10 Gallon Stock, Finally! 10 Gallon Tank

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    Hello everyone! SomeoneFISHY is back! I have been delayed, partly by consequences (teen trouble...) and just by timing. But, the fact stands, im here! I am actually getting fish for it now, the predator fish idea won't be happening. The male sadly died of natural causes. I am going to have a school of guppies (all female,) What other fish/inverts/plants would be good? I have 2 decorations in the tank, i will send picture soon.
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    Welcome back!
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    Thanks @Thibault Drake. I tried to move the guppies into the other tank with drip acclimation, but it didn't work. I had them in a bowl, and the largest jumped out (not sure if it was stress, or if it was natural.) I continued on with my work, though i payed attention to further signs. Once the gups were in the tank, they huddled in one corner, and stayed there. I removed them, and put them back in the 3 gallon. I want to move them from the small, 3 Gallon they are in now, (breeding accident...) before they get too big. Any suggestions?
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    I recently moved my fish from a 3 gallon to a 16 gallon. They seem very happy. To move them I:
    Turned off all the lights in the room (I left one on to see what I was doing). I filled a container with water and scooped them up. The temperature and Ph in both tanks were the same. I floated the container in the new tank for 15 minutes. I then added water from the new tank and let it float for 15 more minutes. Then I turned over the container and let them naturally swim out. Finally, I fed them and turned the remaining light off and left it like this for a few hours.
    Also, how big is the new tank?
  5. SomeoneFISHyValued MemberMember

    Sorry, I am hopping all over the place. I had problems before, a male guppy got the females pregnant, so i had more gups than i should've had. I had them in a 3-4 gallon. Now, they are in the 10 gallon. I let the 4 babies in first, they did fine. The parents (dad died, so it is 2 moms,) were stressed while acclimating, so i ended it early, and let the parents in the 10 gallon, a bit early. they had 10-20 minutes of acclimation. The betta (in a 1 gallon...) is now in a 3-4 gallon. I got the 2 smallest from my grandma, she gave them to me. I am glad to have all the fish in a clean, bigger tank than they had!
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    Nice! It’s always great to see that your fish are happier in a new tank!