I'm at my wits end! Sick betta-nothing obvious 5 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Romad, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. RomadNew MemberMember

    Hi all,

    I've been battling some kind of bacteria? for a few months now with my first and favorite betta boy. As of yesterday, he's bloated and hanging out on top of the tank resting on a leaf. There is no pineconing so it doesn't look like dropsy. Symptoms over the months have been cloudy eyes, bloat, rough looking scales near his head and most recently a very small white spot (bigger than Ich) near his head. The spot has no fuzz.

    Tank has been fully cycled since June. He's in there with two peppered corys.
    Water params: ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10, ph 7.8
    I do weekly water changes and gravel cleanings of 30-40%

    I've treated with: JF Clear, JF Eliminator, Seachem Sulfathiazole, and Furan II. He seemed to recover after the latest Furan treatment (until yesterday that is)

    So do I go to antibiotics now? Tetracycline? It will break my heart to lose this guy.

    Sorry for the very long post but I wanted to give as much info as possible. All thoughts and help are appreciated. Thanks!

  2. KyWildFishWell Known MemberMember

    How old is the fish?

    He could be constipated and in need of some fiber (shelled mashed peas work for a lot of people on this forum). But its hard to say.

  3. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Aww, I'm sorry your betta isn't feeling well.
    Any possibility he could have hurt himself?
    The meds can be taking a toll on his immune system. I'm not sure I'd begin another round of meds just yet.
    Try the pea treatment then maybe fast for a day or so them peas again, see if that helps him.
    Not too much pea, just a couple of tiny bits.
    Freeze dried daphnia works the same as peas.

    Best fishy wishes for you and your little buddy.

  4. RomadNew MemberMember

    Thanks guys.

    Yeah, I really don't want to throw any more meds at him but would hate the thought that antibiotic might save him and I didn't try it.

    I've only had him since July so I'm guessing he could be up to a year old. I doubt that he could have hurt himself bc there's nothing sharp in the tank.

    I have frozen Daphnia cubes on hand so I'll try some of that. I usually give them to all the bettas every 10 days or so anyway. I'll get some frozen peas when I got out later today.

    Crossing fingers!
  5. TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    Hope he feels better soon. Garlic juice is often recommended by folks on this board.
  6. RomadNew MemberMember

    Good suggestion. Since I'm Italian I have tons of garlic on hand at all times :;thx
  7. TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    I hope it helps. My betta boys get frozen daphnia once a week. I let bits thaw in garlic juice before feeding it to them. I soak their freeze dried bloodworms in garlic juice too. They really love that! The way they hit them is like a scene from Jaws.

    I'm half Japanese and have garlic around all the time too. I'd wear it as perfume if it was even remotely socially acceptable. It's so nice when something I love is good for me! :)
  8. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    I'd suggest trying what other members have advised before medicating with antibiotics. If you don't know what the problem is, it could make the situation worse... antibiotics will interfere with your biological filter (even the ones that say they won't) and medications of any kind can be very hard on a fish.

    Sorry you're having problems.
  9. RomadNew MemberMember

    Yeah, that's why I held off so long. He did go after the frozen daphnia (did I mention he's a hog?) so at least he feels good enough to eat.

    Now if only he could talk and tell me where it hurts LOL.

    I can't wait to try the garlic juice. It's already a feeding frenzy when I throw bloodworms into my 45 gal community and each one of my bettas slaps at the top of their tanks in anticipation when they see me dangle them.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
  10. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    welcome to fishlore!!(if i havent already) Im also sorry your boy is sick :(
    Im curious how you cycled the tank? as well as how old your test kit is?(lot numbers are on the bottles..the last 4 digits are the year it was made and IMO after 1 years from those dates, im leary of trusting it..but thats me! they say they are suppose to be good for 3 years thought :) ) im wondering because MOST meds will kill a cycle and its usually more of that line of thought for betta issues....especially with all the different ones you have tried....also curious what else his diet is like? do you feed any freeze dried foods? as some bettas get totally bloated with them...cloudy eyes, bloat and rough scales, are normally all signs of something wrong with the water....again, im not saying thats the case just offering some advice .....I hope he does better with the garlic in his food!!!!!!!! and I also would wait to medicate him anymore...maybe a few days of nice water changes and the garlic will do wonders :)
  11. fishtroyWell Known MemberMember

    The garlic sounds like the best course of action. Don't want a medication overload, he could become immune to them. I'm sorry to hear he is unwell. Keep us updated, what is the little guys name?
  12. RomadNew MemberMember

    Hi Shawnie,

    Thanks so much for the response. I use the API freshwater master test kit and the last 4 digits are 0209 so Feb of this year? I just bought a new one bc i test 6 tanks each week and am basically out of Nitrate drops.

    As for the meds, I have an AquaClear 20 on the tank and i always remove the charcoal bag before meds. I've tried to use the "kindest" meds so far. Once I stop treatment, I add it back in if it's fairly new or replace it altogether to remove the last of the residual meds that might be left behind.

    I don't feed anything freeze dried . His staple diet is Hikari betta gold - 3 pellets twice a day. Once a week I feed all the fish either frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp as a treat. And I do give the bettas daphnia instead of pellets on one day.

    I'm pretty anal about weekly water changes. I only wish it were the water so I could take some action in the right direction.

    The corys look perfectly fine and are active as ever.

    My sick boy Baccus (god of wine) is now resting on the bottom of the tank and looks like he's breathing pretty heavily.
  13. RomadNew MemberMember

    Hi there fishtroy,

    He's named after the god of wine - Baccus.

    He's kind of resting at the bottom of the tank breathing heavily atm.

    ***** sigh ****
  14. Heather MWell Known MemberMember

    I hope he feels better soon. I got my first betta about 3 months ago and just can't seem to get him healthy. I feel your pain. :;fru
  15. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    I have nothing else helpful to offer, just best wishes for your betta and happy holidays to you and your family.
  16. TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    What size tank is he in? Do you have a breeder's net to put him in so he doesn't have far to go to reach the surface? Sending good vibes to the poor little fella.
  17. RomadNew MemberMember

    It's sooooo frustrating. What's wrong with your buddy?
  18. RomadNew MemberMember

    He's in a 5 gallon. I don't have a breeder net. It's something I never even thought of getting.

    Can't put him in a bowl bc it's freezing cold here. I could set up a 1.5 gal. tank but same issue with heat if I have to leave the water really low. I don't have a heater that small on hand.

    Thanks to all for your thoughts and advice. I hope he makes it through the night.
  19. RomadNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the kind thoughts and Happy Holidays to you as well.
  20. fishtroyWell Known MemberMember

    Hey one of my people!

    I name mine after Greek mythology - so your little guy would be Dionysus (The Greek God of Wine).

    I am a bit of a mythology buff. Lol.

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