Ill Zebra Danio?

  1. mtm45 Initiate Member

    One of my zebra danios who I suspected was pregnant or something has had trouble swimming around lately and looked much fatter, well the fish is now lying on the bottom of the tank just breathing with a big stomach. I know it could be overeating but I wanted to check the others seem fine. If this helps, in the tank is 3 red minor tetras, 5 zebra danios and 6 neon tetras, I have provided a picture please help ASAP

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  2. Rover Initiate Member

    She could be gravid with eggs but... that doesn't look right. She may have internal parasites or a bloat problem. If every other fish seems fine, I'm not sure if it'd be something from your water. Try googling some images of 'gravid Zebra Danios' and see if it looks like what you are seeing in front of you. From the picture yours looks much more bloated.

  3. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    It looks like its bloated. Its best to fast it for three days and then go from there.
  4. mtm45 Initiate Member

    I'm thinking that too because I'd imagine gravid fish still swim normally, this one is kind of bouncing around, how would I make sure that fish didn't get any food?

  5. mtm45 Initiate Member

    I've heard something about a nerite snail parasite thing, I have some of those is it possible one of them has/had whatever this is and the fish got it? Sorry if I sound like an idiot I'm relatively new to this stuff
  6. Rover Initiate Member

    I am too, your guess is as good as mine on that front.
  7. sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    Just fast the tank, they will all be fine for a few days.

    I just read very recently about Danios being prone to becoming egg bound. Might be worth looking into. Your photo looks just like the reference photos I found.

  8. mtm45 Initiate Member

    Okay thanks, I'm gonna look into all of this and see what I can get out of it. Hopefully I can get this fish back to being okay again