I'll tell you what makes me MAD

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So, in my Civics class we're doing a project where we have to pick a topic to write a "bill" on, and do a bunch of reasearch on it to give a speech about it, and then we read the bill to the class and they vote on it. My bill was on banning fish dyeing and the sale of dyed fish. (surprise, surprise )

Well, my bill passed with almost the entire class voting yes for banning fish dyeing. However there were a couple of guys who voted against it. I heard a guy near me mutter something like, "whatever, there are plenty of fish to go around." As in, he cares absolutely nothing about all the fish that are being killed and hurt and getting sick.

Now that makes me MAD. > That some people could have absolutely no feelings for suffering creatures and think animals can just be used for whatever the heck we want is unbelievable to me, to say the least. Sometimes it's embarrasing to be part of the human race...
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I bet if it had been something fluffy and furry that guy wouldn't have said that.
*sigh* Some people........
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You know, somewhere in life you will meet people who have a who cares mentality to life in general, you will find that people like that generally aren't happy with themselves. Theres loads of them in the work place too, they mock the over achievers and lounge about and pass comments like the ones they did in your class to create some controversy for attention.

To be honest, yes they said some nasty comments but ask yourself why they would have said that. Maybe they are just not happy, how good was their presentation? Not very good I bet.

Nice to hear that you supported the anti-fish-dyeing campaign! its good to start early!

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That's surprising that you chose on banning dyeing fish. Some people are just careless I guess. A week ago at church, a stray dog came to our church. It was so hungry that you could see its ribs! One little kid came up to my friend and said that there's a hungry stray dog out there and my friend said, "why should I care." Also, at school, when we play soccer, people try to mess me up when I have the ball by saying, "YOUR GUPPIES ARE DYING!!!" It doesn't really mess me up except for me beat the crud out of them. >
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I absolutely agree with you Omorrokh. And THANK YOU for having done your project on this very subject. You have made more people aware of this terrible practice. Perhaps they'll make someone else aware of it. The word will be spread We need that! And as for the uncaring kids who voted against the ban ... I agree with Kerryve: they must be unhappy with themselves in the first place, and they're letting their anger out on everyone and everything around them. These are very negative types.

Stradius, ignore these insensitive, empty, and devoid of any kind of emotions people ... They're not worth your attention and your time.
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Actually I think the problem with the people who voted against my bill is that they're just trying to be cool teenagers, and caring about fish (or so they think) is uncool. Some teenagers spend all their time thinking about how to be cool to impress the opposite gender. As a rule I am not AT ALL impressed with those kinds of people. In fact they regularly make me quite angry, for whatever reason. :

Stradius, that really stinks that kids tease you about your fishies...I hope you don't pay any attention to them. They're just insecure and feel they need to make others insecure in order to feed secure. If that just made any sense.

Isabellla, I am very glad too that I did that project. Nobody really knows anything about fish dyeing. I actually taught my teacher something for once. Yes, hopefully the word will start spreading.
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Stradius, teasing as long as you don't let it get to you it's ok. I'v had that happen before and I just avoided the kid and now I don't have it anymore. I bet you didn't do anything to them either and there just doing it, that's what happened to me, just be nice to the kids eventualy they will stop or you will really tick them off. Hope they stop

Well there's always one kid, when I did a project last year trying to sell aquariums I was made fun of, you just have to ignore them and not let them get to you and just laugh otherwise you will be a depressed person. glad your doing that though.
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Dieing guppies? That's dumb. WHO would fall for that?

1. they most likely never seen your fish.
2. they most likely don't know what a sick fish looks like
3. The fish are no where near the game.

the first time maybe but not much success

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