Ill panda????? HELP???


Ok ive had a 2 pandas for about 4 weeks, theyve been fine up until now. This morning the smaller of the pair was a grey colour, as apposed to its normal light amber colour, its fins were flat down and retracted and it was just led on the bottom not doing anything. Its still breathing etc but nothing else. When I checked the water parameters the nitrate levels were in the red, so did my weekly water change. Are these symptoms of nitrate poisoning. None of the other fish are showing it, and will it recover. Hope so he's a cutey


Sorry to hear about your panda.
Wish I can help as they are indeed very cute.

Found my with a twisted body last week.
I have no choice but to put it to sleep in ice water.

Hope someone can help you out with your panda.
What other fish are there in your tank?
Any fish added to your tank recently?


Hello Danio,

Sorry to hear your Panda isn't feeling up to par. If indeed the fish does have nitrate poisoning then water changes is exactly what you need to do. Keep an eye on your readings. I can't really say if the fish will recover or not.
Best wishes!
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Last 2 days he hasn't eaten, or moved. This morning I went to check on him and he's dead. Really wish i'd put him out of his suffering. Had a look at the body, anything I should be looking for to id death? As I said before got another the same size, and ive noticed its fins are much sorter and irregular in size, to the bone on one side. Could this have caused it, had a rouge guppy that was given back to the LFS yesterday recon this could have something to do with it?



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