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    Hi everyone I've tested my water nitrite and ammonia are 0 and nitrate is 40ppm.i haven't added anything new into my tanks part from plants but I washed them before I put in the tank.this Columbo tetra is the only one that's ill he hasn't eaten for a few days I tryed to feed shelled peas as I thought it was bloat but his scales are all up he's missing a few,pale in colour and he seems to have a gash out of his side but nothings attacked him as he's been in a net since a few days ago.hes also gasping aswell so I'm asking for everyone on this lovely forum for help as I'm wondering what it is I've had him a few months.image
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    With nitrates at 40 I would do a WC of at least 40%. I try to keep my nitrates below 20, 10 is better.

    You can also dose tank with Pimafix and Melafix following directions for the whole tank after the WC. I usually dose one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
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    Hi vonnievon welcome to FishLore

    I'm sorry to say but your fish has dropsy. :(
    It's usually fatal. If you do any reading about it, the consensus seems to be that there are underlying causes for it.

    It thought there was thread or two here on the forum where members were able to successfully treat it.

    I have looked for that thread but cannot find it.
    Maybe if you do a forum search you'll see some suggestions.

    Double Edit:
    Here is the thread:
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    I'll get buying some melafix and primafix.ill start tonight by doing a big 40 percent water change then everyday doing 30 percent does that sound to much.i can't get the nitrates down as my tap water is 40ppm aswell unless I get some chemical to do it but my fish don't seem to fussed about until recently with this illness
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    With nitrates that high out of the tap you can do a couple of things:

    1) mix tap water with bottled drinking water, maybe half and half, for all your tank WC.

    2) increase plants, and if you have none in the tank, consider getting a pothos, wash off all the dirt from the roots and put the roots down in the tank or in the back of your filter - this plant uses a lot of nitrates.

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