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HI all! If you had a 125g and wanted to stock it with big schools of small colorful, active fish, what kinds of fish would you choose, how many schools would you have and how big would you have the schools. We're changing the direction of our 125g and I'd love to hear your ideas.






Probably like 20-25 corys, sub-species would depend on temperature but probably sterbias.

4-6 angels or a school of 8 pearl gouramis (2 males/6 females)

And a group (25) of tight schooling fish like harlequin or glow light rasporas. Not sure if they are temp compatible.

If not probably 30-40 cardinal tetras.

I would sprinkle in a few livebearers like 3 sword tails and either some sail fin mollies or red wag platys.

If at 80 degrees, it would be the angels, sterbias, Cardinals and livebearers.

But fun to even dream about it.
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Katie13 said:
I would do nano fish.
I LOVE this idea! I've been kind of looking into some nano's (not looking into temp and water compatibility yet; just trying to find what I like) and I was thinking some of the Micro Cyprinids such as the ChilI Rasboras and the Sundadanio axelrodI (however, I don't believe my water is acidic enough for them; bummer). I was also wondering about the Sparkling Gourami. Can I have a big group of them, Since I have such a big tank? I've looked a little, but I can't find much info on keeping them in such a big tank.

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