If you don't inject or dye, is it OK?


Glofish were a hot topic a few years ago.
Now what do you think?:;ghost


HI dvc_r,

There was a thread on this already, here's the link.

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how did I miss that...


Injecting fish is so sad. You know it has to weaken them to all kinds of infections. I have two of the glass fish that have been injected, I got them before I knew anything about all this stuff. So far they are healthy but I won't be buying anymore. I just feel bad for the fish and the only way to stop this is for everyone to stop buying these fish.

ok I'll get off my soap box. Sorry for the rant.

Mikey Doodle

I've read many things about painted, dyed, injected and modified fish. I do think it is such a cruel thing to do, and needless too. There are so many beautiful species of fish out there already, and I'm sure we are only beginning to understand their complexities! I'm happy to say that there sorts of fish are not readily available over here in England, but I dare say it won't be long It will be a sad day when we get them over here!

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