If i take my driftwood out will this kill my fish ?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by Candymancan, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Candymancan Valued Member Member

    I have had 2 big peices of driftwood in my tank since i re-setup the tank with new fish and stuff about 2 months or so ago. The problem tho is even tho the driftwood is like 15 years old it still leechs tannis in the water and makes my water dark, i can tell the differance when i fill up a milk carton with the tank water and compare it to my other 35g tank with no wood. The water looks dark..

    Now if i do 30% water changes and scrub the brown algae off my plants and the walls every 1-2 weeks my tank looks clear and stuff again.. However after another week or so the tank starts to become really dark almost gloomy lol.

    Anyway my question since the wood is lowering my tanks PH with it my PH was always 6.0 maybe lower i dunno, i put crushed coral in and the PH stablized at 6.4.. If i take the wood out the PH will start to go up like my moms tank which is around 7.0-7.2 all the time. Will this hurt my fish ? I still have 9 neons from 2 months ago none have died on me.. Which is a miracal or perhaps because iv been taking good care of the tank and they like the low PH. Cause iv read neons like low PH.

    Will this kill my fish ? since they are so used to low PH now cause its been 6.0-6.4 for months since i put them all in. I have like 20 fish

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  2. Jake the Fish Valued Member Member

    Maybe if you take one piece out at a time to not shock them. My crushed coral makes my pH go to about 7.9.

    ALso,see what other members have to say

  3. Furallicah Well Known Member Member

    I dont think your tanks ph would increase over night. With it being a 27gal tank it sould be fine. Just go about your water changes slowly about 10-25% every week or so as you need to do. It should slowly increase the ph with out harming the fish.

  4. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    [preparing to be bombarded with 'no dont'] ;)

    Boiling your driftwood a few times will remove a lot of the tannins (but not sure what it does to other properties, e.g. pH)

    You could use activated carbon to remove the yellow tinge from the water.

    Or [and I haven't tried any of these, so I'd wait to hear from other members]
    There is a product from Fluval for use in canisters called   that is made for polishing water and making it crystal clear.
    And I'm not sure, but Seachem Clarity might also work.

    But, if it's not affecting the fish, I'd put up with it personally.
  5. Furallicah Well Known Member Member

    I've never used the Opti Carb, but you are right in boiling the water. Boil it for several hours then you need to put it into a large container full of clean water and let it sit in the sun. Everyday change the water until it is clear. Personally I would let it dry after that boil it again then do the sun baking....but I'm paranoid...lol
  6. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm sure you mean boil the driftwood :;smack :;hf
  7. Candymancan Valued Member Member

    Well it seems some of you are hestatint.. I guess i will keep the driftwood in the tank, it makes a natural cave for my fish also which my neons seem to like. I just hate how the tank gets dark lol..

    Btw is there anyway to control brown algae ? My moms tank is being invaided by it lol. Mine has it also but not as bad. I noticed my Nitrate's are dropping fast too, i didnt do a water change and rock cleaning for 2 weeks and before i did all that a few days ago my nitrates were actually 5.. Dropped from around 15 it seems this algae is eating the nitrates
  8. Marks New Member Member

    I had this problem too, despite boiling, soaking, waiting, boiling, soaking...you get the picture.

    I resolved this with a 100g bag of Seachem Purigen in the filter of my 55g tank after reading numerous articles/recommendations across the net, I don't know what this stuff is or where it comes from (apart from the gods) but within 12 hours my tank was crystal clear.

    Mine really was like Tea (no milk) Carbon did nothing at all.

    I really would recommend trying it, expensive as it is but if you take into account that it can be regenerated, it ain't too bad.
  9. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    More product info at:  

    As other regular members here would know, I'm a huge advocate for Seachem [most would think I run the dealership :;laughing], but the fact that Purigen also manages amm, nitrite, nitrate, I would use this product with caution as it may affect your cycle, not saying it will, but potentially.

    Interestingly, Seachem also have this product listed in their SW/Reef area primarily. Another product they have is Clarity, which IME works quite well.

    My personal opinion is, that no matter what you do, this piece of driftwood you have, is going to leach tannins for a long time ;)