If fishes' stomaches are as big as their eyes... Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Zia, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Zia

    ZiaValued MemberMember

    ... what does this *really* mean in terms of feeding?

    I have six glofish. By this rule, I reason they should get one granule of food twice a day. Obviously, I can't target which fish I feed, but it seems like the one who got less last meal time rises to the occasion the next and plants his/herself in front of the chow line, or tracks down anything that has sunk to the bottom.

    I'm not starving the little critters, am I?
  2. Elodea

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    Well, that actually accounts for the food mashed up and compressed. Anyways, my danios act like that all the time; its just a natural instinct. In the wild, fish have no idea when the next meal will be. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few days, maybe in a week. So they have to eat as much as they can to prepare for the worst. Remember that its always better to underfeed than overfeed.
  3. Nutter

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    If you stick to giving the fish only as much as they can eat in about 3mins, you will be fine. Don't worry about them starving. In the wild it may be many days or even weeks between meals for fish. If you are under feeding it will show over a few weeks because the stomachs will start to sink into the gut cavity. So long as they are all getting a bit they should be fine.
  4. Butterfly

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    To sum up what's already been said... it's really hard to starve your fish if they are getting anything at all to eat.
    That comparison between the eye and stomach has been a real help to me over the years because fish will eat until you quit feeding them. The more you feed them the more waste they produce. You could even figure food is being wasted if they are eating more than they need.
  5. OP

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    Ah, so they won't starve overnight! I added TSS and fish to my nearly-fishless-cycled tank 3 days ago and am trying to cut back on the food as much as possible to keep the levels low initially. But the danios seem to be starving *all the time.* If they know there's a single grain of food about, they go wild. I just very slowly drop in one granule at a time six times so I can keep track of any that doesn't get eaten. I'll just keep the feedings to a minimum right now and ignore their begging, hungry little eyes!
  6. Butterfly

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    No they won't starve over night:) In fact it's a good thing to give them a fast day once a week. I'm most likely to do that on the day I do water changes.
    It's even OK if your going to be gone a couple of days to feed them before you leave and not feed them until you get back.