If adding new firemouth ok


Ok so I have a tank with (now)4 Amazon puffers,17 red phantom tetra, 2 apistogramma atuhuapa,german blue ram,and 2 angels. So my fire mouth isn't the most appealing very dull but I still like it and don't want to just getrid of it. at my lfs there are some beautiful 2inch fire mouths and was thinking about getting one because I wanted to have one because I think they look beautiful. Do you think my little larger fire mouth will be aggresive towards the new smaller guy or will it be fine? My firemouth is very chill never any quarrels in the tank with many other different type and size fish. Just don't want to ruin the great peacefulness of the tank so I figured id get a few opinions first. Thanks


Depending on the size of your tank, Firemouths do better in groups. There's really no way to determine if any bullying between the two FM's will occur.

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