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Hi guys, I'm Cody and I'm an amateur guppy breeder from Texas. I have two fish I need help classifying for those of you in-the-know in the guppy world. I'm going to apologise right now for the quality, it's a bit of a blur because I took the picture at feeding time. Also my phone is of low quality, so when I sent myself the photo from my girlfriend's iPhone on which I originally took the picture, my phone compressed the file size so it's a bit blurrier still. NOTHING TOO BAD just not perfect. A higher-definition blurry pic is available on my album dedicated to this tank.

So anyway first I have an orange/purple bicolor cobraskin. This guy took a lot of hard work to get (I don't breed close relatives no matter how awesome the colors. I don't want gorgeous fish that die after months. We all gotta do our part to keep the species healthy!) and I was wondering if that was indeed the correct classification for him? If not, what would you call it? Anyone familiar with Show Guppies think this guy has a shot? I specifically went for him because I love purple and rarely see it in guppies, and once I saw it appearing on a few of the orange cobraskins I knew I found something I wanted to work for.

(I also have other males like him for sale if anyone is interested. I only have one pureline female right now and obviously she's invaluable to me )

The other guy is a green cobraskin. I got him simply by crossing a gold dominant cobra w a blue cobra. He has the yellow dominant color unless ANY light is on in which case he appears this beautiful glowing teal-cyan color. Again not sure if this is classified correctly or not, please let me know!

I have a bunch of fry from hybrids of these two as well on their way up, at about 3 wks now along with another group of hybrids I'll keep a surprise for now

Thanks y'all
- Cody
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