1. Brokenshadows34 Member Member

    Hey, everyone!

    I know I haven't updated my fish on my profile for a while, because I usually go on here on my iPhone, but I will do that soon. Don't look there for this question, please, because it's wrong. I was curious as to what you guys think about my current stock, and if I should add more or keep it as is. And, what fish I could possibly add.

    I have a 45-gallon cube aquarium (so it's pretty tall) with a 60-gallon filter. The filter runs slow due to its media (but it keeps the water clear, so I can't complain) so I have a small power filter to help with the flow on the top of the water. It's been running smoothly for close to seven months now, and the parameters are excellent, despite the lack of live plants.

    Now, for my stock:

    One (very docile) angelfish
    Three mollies (One large sailfin male, normal shortfinned females)
    Four red-eye tetras
    Four black phantom tetras
    One Congo tetra
    One butterfly yellow-spot pleco

    I'm thinking about re-homing the single Congo tetra soon, because I can't find any more at my two trusted LFS. She just isn't too comfortable without a school, although she's been doing excellently and is now get large.

    And I do realize that the pleco will get large, but he loves it in there right now so I'll re-home him as well when size poses a problem. He's the biggest wimp in the tank, he will scurry away and hide from even the smallest tetra.

    All in all, I have a very happy community. Everyone coexists with everyone else with zero problems.

    I'm open to any suggestions, advice, criticism, etc.

  2. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    i wouldn't add anything new, your mollies will breed and you may soon be over stocked. i would return the females to the LFS to avoid this problem, although i feed my fry to three angels and a betta to keep the numbers under sontrol, so it depends on if you have ever had fry? any survive? etc. the angelfish and sailfin can easily reach 6".. so they're pretty big anyway.

    if you have the space for it (which i am unsure of) i would up the tetra schools to at least six as they are all schooling fish.xx
  3. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure that the butterfly will need to be rehomed. I'm not extremely versed on that species, but I know it doesn't get to be a monster like the common pleco.
  4. Brokenshadows34 Member Member

    My two female mollies are still young, and the male isn't too keen on chasing them around and more interested in finding imaginary food. But, if they do have fry, I'll allow the "survival of the fittest" in my tank, and give any fry that survive to a good size away to the LFS.

    Once I re-home the Congo tetra, a lot of space will be freed up given she is immense. (She even rivals my angelfish in size!)
  5. Brokenshadows34 Member Member

    This is just a wild idea, but if I got a little more cover and a cave-type structure, could I get a pair of German blue rams? Again, that is after re-homing the Congo tetra.
  6. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    im unsure of tank size but i have gold rams and three angels together, and they can be kept with the larger tetras. different water conditions to the mollies though. you could rehome the mollies and have a ram/angelfish/tetra tank. again, i am unsure if 40gallons is enough but i THINK it is.

    i would rehome the mollies and all the tetras bar one type and up the school and add the rams once your tank has been running at least six months.

    i agree with @Adam55 i think you may be okay with the butterfly.xx

    EDIT: your mollies will breed.. the angel should help with fry control. but it depends on the fish!
  7. Brokenshadows34 Member Member

    What do you guys think about a betta? I've heard conflicting things about the idea. Many say it depends on the personality. I have a black angelfish (so no bright colors) that is very, very docile. Could I pull it off?
  8. Brokenshadows34 Member Member

    And my tetras mind their own business. I'm just concerned about the angel getting ripped up.
  9. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I would avoid adding a betta.
  10. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't put any betta in a community. some would but it depends on the fish - the angel, betta, tetras, pleco and mollies would all be at risk.x
  11. Brokenshadows34 Member Member

    Understandable. I'm just not sure what to do. The tank looks pretty empty now that my two honey dwarf gouramis died in the past month. I tried adding another angelfish a week ago, but he began thinking he was king and tore up my other angel's beautiful fins, so he went back. I'm not eager to try another angel anytime soon.
  12. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    i would work on rehoming the mollies with a view to getting the rams (i'd go bolivian as they're hardier) and only add them once your tank is at least six months old or just keep your current stock and potentially up the schools.x