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I've been slowing setting up a 75g.

Current setup:
-T5 HO 48" light with two 10k bulbs
-Magnum 350 canister with inline heater
-Small natural rock mixed with florite (some plant substrate I found at petsmart)

I'll be stocking with mostly tiger barbs.

I don't know much about plants really, I just bought a handful of them and placed them randomly around the tank.

For some reason I'm not happy with it, needs some color or something maybe the plants need arranged in a different way I dunno.

Here is a current pic, what would you guys do?



I think it looks great! I love the natural feel of the tank. I wish my tank looked like that.

If you want to you could rearrange the plants by height, so the vals would be in the back, the medium height are in the middle and you put in a short, groundcovery type for the front. If you want color, there are pinkish plants that you might be able to add, depending on their lighting requirements.


I think it looks great the way it is. It will brighten up once the plants start growing in.


I think it looks good but perhaps a little even. Try moving the piece of wood on the right further towards the back right corner of the tank or perhaps even removing it altogether.
You could also rearrange the plants as Emmy mentioned but I think it will look better when it has all grown in.


I agree with Nutter (for something different), in that it looks very balanced.

I would try and shift the natural focus of the eye off to one side of the tank, either by removing the smaller driftwood, or grouping/stacking them both on one side. Then you could play around with the right hand side of the tank a bit more, creating interesting depth with plants (if you wanted to get creative).

Don't know if that sounds too vague to others. It makes sense to me!
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Thanks for the input everyone!

I went out and purchased another plant for the center, as well as two moss balls that I dropped in.

I understand what you mean by it looking balanced but I lack creativity do arrange things in any other way



I like the two pieces where they are. I'd probably angle them to frame the rocks.

I'm not crazy about the moss balls. They don't really go IMO. Maybe if you put them together.....

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