Ideas For My Filters


I am running two bio wheel 350's on my community tank. On one filter I have put just sponges the aqua clear 70 fit perfect in there 2 on each side for a total of 4 sponges and the other I use a filter floss and a bag with a little carbon. I use the sponges just for the surface area as I have a decent bio load to keep up with. Will lava rock in place of the sponge work better? Or maybe 2 sponges on one side and lava rock on the other? Any ideas on what is better would be very much appreciated.


If I am visualizing the filters correctly if you were to put one sponge on each side closest to the motor and fill the rest with lava rock would work nicely. That way the sponge would filter any large material and prevent the lava rock from getting clogged up.


Lava rock is not nearly as porous as is commonly believed. If you've got a huge filter and lots of small pieces of lava rock, it's not terrible, but there are other much better media available.

I would set both filters up the same. There's a reason for ordering media coarse to fine and that reason doesn't change just because you have two filters.
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