Ideas for feeding fish while away for 1 week


I will be going away for a week in the near future, and am wondering what to do in terms of food for my fish
My options are do nothing (as I understand fish can go for a longer period of time with out food)
Or get those vacation feeder blocks that disperse food over the course of a few days

I do not have an automatic feeder, and nobody is available to come and feed them

Ideas welcome.


I would say to put in a feeder block so that food is available and also even if they don't eat it like you said they can go along time without food and still be completely fine
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I've left my fish for an entire week without feeding and they were fine. I've never tried the feeder blocks but heard they pollute the water.


Same as above.We go camping at Christmas and have I have left fish a 1/2 feeder block and then been away for 9 days.Came back to fish all still alive and well, but really need to give tank a good clean and gravel vacc to get it back to normal.7 days with no food should be fine.


Fish can go without food for a few weeks at least.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I will take up your advise and leave them as is


If you were looking into a automatic feeder, or anyone else was, I recently got one that is very good, and doesn't have the problems that I read about other with clumping and portion size. Here is a link...

I couldn't find this from or whom I normally order from, but this sight was the cheapest I found, and at $20 plus some shipping was very cheap. If you notice in the picture it has a little wheel with 14 compartments. You put exactly the amount you want in each compartment for each feeding. You can program it for 1-4 feedings per day. At 1 per day, you will be good for 2 weeks. You can use flakes, pellets, or algae wafers. I used it a while back when I was gone for a week just to be on the safe side, and it did it's job great. I even set it up a few days in advance just to be home and watch it work for a few days before I left town, at was very reliable and trustworthy.

As many suggest fish are usually good for while with no food, I just thought that for a week, may be a bit too long, so wanted to be safe rather than sorry. Shrimp can go even longer if you have a mature tank with some algae and bio-film for them to feed on.

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