Ideas For 29-gallon?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by FishSmart, Jun 12, 2019 at 10:02 AM.

  1. FishSmart Valued Member Member

    I recently started up my 29-gallon tank after a freak accident and I was looking for some ideas on stocking. I’m really interested in cichlids, angelfish,
    And schooling fish that’s have lots of color. Any recommendations? I just don’t want any fighting of course. I have sand substrate a few live plants and a few artificial decorations.

  2. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    What are the dimensions of the tank?

  3. FishSmart Valued Member Member

    30 in L x 12 in W x 18 in H

  4. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

  5. FishSmart Valued Member Member

    I’ve had fighting with Gouramis in the past but I will give it a try maybe this type will be a little more peaceful. But instead of the GBR’s can I get electric blue rams? Or maybe just a center piece fish?
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  6. Lefky Valued Member Member

    You can do Electric rams instead of GBR’s. If you were asking about just having 1 centerpiece fish then I would recommend a Pearl gourami.
  7. FishSmart Valued Member Member

    Okay so this is what I think so far,
    8 black neon tetras
    8 cardinal tetras
    8 bronze cories
    2 Electric rams

    I don’t think I’ll do Gouramis so any other (3 fish pair) ideas?
  8. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    Add one more to each schooling fish on the list :)
  9. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Honey gouramis are very peaceful and quite shy. They are sociable fish that do best in pairs or groups. I have never had any trouble with them and other fish. Some types of gourami can be more aggressive.
  10. FishSmart Valued Member Member

    Okay then I’ll just keep the 3 honey Gouramis. This is what I think, I just replaced the GBR to electric rams.

    8 black neon tetras
    8 cardinal tetras
    8 bronze cories
    2 Electric rams
    3 honey gouramis

    Sorry to bother yet again but I looked into bottom dwellers and kuhli loaches caught my eye so I’ll replace the coris into those guys but how many? Also what should the temp of my tank be?
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  11. Lefky Valued Member Member

    The electric rams, and most of the rams, like 80+F while the rest of the fish like ~76F. You could keep the temp around 78-80F. I keep my corys and neon tetras in warmer water with A GBR and they are doing well. Also don't be shy to ask questions haha.
  12. Icebear59 New Member Member

    I have one male honey gourami right now that is really peaceful, if I get another would it have to be female? As a group could I have 3 males? I think my LFS only sells males.
  13. RockinRy New Member Member

    I haven't ever raised Kuhli Loaches myself, but they caught my eye too so I did some research a couple of months ago. I guess they are mostly nocturnal so they aren't very active or visible when you are usually looking at the aquarium from what I understand. As I said though, I've never actually had any to confirm this myself.
  14. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Honey gouramis are extremely peaceful and you shouldn't have any problems. Did you have dwarfs or three spots in the past? Those are usually temperamental.

    OK sorry I missed the comments after this one.

    I'd keep the temperature at 78-82 Fahrenheit, these are warmer water fish.
    I saw someone talking about neons, those require temps of 74 F or lower as they will have shorter lifespans in warmer temperatures. Stick with cardinals.
  15. Basil Well Known Member Member

    I have s 29 sitting in my closet. If I ever set it up again, it will only contain a school of Corydoras habrosus, aka salt and pepper Cory and a nice school of harlequin rasboras. I saw neon harlequin rasboras a few weeks ago and loved them.
    But then, my current tanks only have 3 different kinds of fish in each one. I tend to like simplicity. :)