(idea) Mesh Sump


So I've had another idea floating around in my head for a while. I'll explain it.

Basically it is just a normal aquarium with a gravel substrate and a sump. But the bottom is not water tight. It is fine enough to stop gravel or too much water falling through, but here's how it works:

The worst water is at the bottom of the tank and goes through the mesh into the sump. It first goes through a set of sponges where the bb will live. The water then passes through a distillation contraption which separates the NH3, NO2 and NO3 from the water. Then it passes through some more mesh as well as a bubble wall to eliminate any macroscopic sediments and bubbles. Then there is a pipe flowing back into the display after the bubble wall.




Would distillation mean boiling water? Slow and massive heat? How about a low volume continuous R/O system and you could automate the reminerialization using a PH meter and electronic dosing contraption.
Somebody else is working on an automated WC system, which actually makes a little more sense.

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