ID this light? or: tell me if it's a bad buy Help

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by midthought, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. midthought

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    I'm looking to upgrade my lighting setup for my 29g. I was thinking I'd be fine with 2-3 watts per gallon, but in perusing eBay, I found this 30" PC light with 2 65 watt bulbs for just $100. There's no brand information so I'm having trouble doing the requisite research that I usually do before making purchases. Can anyone help me out? Either ID the light or give a recommendation? Like if it's prone to cause electrical fires, etc. :p Here is the eBay auction: .

    I'm also uploading the pictures from the auction, since the auction's closing in something like 10 hours.

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  2. Nutter

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    I can't really say. The output is ok but I can't tell if it will really be any good without details & the link isn't working. Can you edit the link so that I can see details on it?
  3. Morgan111

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    yea it is hard to tell, id worry about the life of the components in the light
  4. OP

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    I fixed the link. Here is info on the auction though...though it's rather minimal, I think.

    30'' Power Compact Aquarium Light 2X 65 w/ Moon Lunar

    30" Solar Compact Hood. Comes with two 65 watt bulbs, 6500k and Blue Actinic. Has two independent light switches.
    Power: 130 Watt
    Color: Glossy Black
    Dimensions: 30in x 7 1/4in x 2 5/8in

    Unit made in USA with 5 year warranty

    Bulbs are (….) Straight pin configuration and can be replaced by any
    brand bulb of your preference.

    Glass lens cover not included- all endcaps on fixture are water proof and legs are included to keep unit safe distance from elements.

    5 Year warranty highly efficient electronic ballast powers light fixture

    2'' detachable legs are included free of charge if user needs extra
    space between light and aquarium.

    Reflector is made of German Polished Aluminum – it is the most reflective in industry

    Plug and play ready to operate upon arrival

    efficient reflector on the market and is exceptionally bright.

    There are 4- 1 watt LED moonlights on this fixture that are beautiful
    and are blue in color.

    This Fixture works great with timers – so you can have light come
    automatically on for the dusk and dawn effect.
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    sounds good but without the brand name you never know.... I've taken a chance like this and made out like a bandit and gotten the short end of the stick too... keep us updated on what you do... the pictures look like it is a quality unit.
  6. OP

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    Thanks, Morgan. I also found a , made by a company which I gather no longer exists (Custom Sea Life) *or* is now called Current USA or something. Replacement parts for it should be generic and obtainable from other manufacturers though.

    I don't think going with eBay is ideal for me as I'm beginning but lighting is just so expensive... >.<