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Discussion in 'Zoanthids and Button Polyps' started by Berridge, May 29, 2018.

  1. BerridgeValued MemberMember

    I bought some cheap zoas a while back. They have spread like crazy and one got really long and flowing tentacles. When I purchased the frag it had about 5 polyps on it and they all looked regular. Also the long one seems to be spreading, all the little drags around it look like it. Is this normal?

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  2. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember


    The more mushroom looking ones are Trumpet polyps/Brown Button polyps (Protopalythoa variabilis). However, the longer tentacle ones are aiptasia.
  3. BerridgeValued MemberMember

    I’m fairly new to saltwater so I was thinking it was just a different type of coral. Now I’m reading that they can take a tank over rapidly and are a serious pest. Any ways to control them because they are spreading!
  4. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    If you’re talking about the aiptasia, it looks like they’re fairly restricted to the one place and should be easy to remove. You can use a bit of aiptasia X or a bit of lemon juice in a syringe (ask a pharmacy! They might give you a funny look, but it should be free haha). You can inject the teeniest bit of the lemon juice right into the stalk of the aiptasia and give it a few moments to die and close up. Then you’re safe to remove with gloves. Don’t do too many at once or you’ll mess with you’re parameters too much.
  5. BerridgeValued MemberMember

    Yea I am talking about the appraisal. Thanks I will do that!
  6. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    depends on your aquarium size, but an apitasia eating file fish works well.

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