ID these fish please!

  1. Zed Initiate Member

    I'm new to the FishLore and only been in the hobby for a couple of months, and just wanted to thank the community for helping and sharing their experience. That said, I'd appreciate any help identifying these two fish (The yellow and Blue ones). Sorry for the awful quality images.





  2. WishyFishy Member Member

    The orange fish in the first few pictures is a female guppy. The blue fish is a male guppy, and the 3 fish near him are neon tetras.
  3. Zed Initiate Member

    Thanks for the help :)
  4. WishyFishy Member Member

    No problem :) If you have more questions, feel free to ask me :p
  5. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Welcome to the forum and glad you decided to join us. pretty guppies. Alison:;hi1
  6. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    The orange guppy is already pregnant. Zed you will have some fries.
  7. Zed Initiate Member

    cool, I hope they take after the father, since he's better lookin' :)