ID me Please Question

  1. kpkant123 Initiate Member

    Hi There
    im new in taking care of flowerhorns... i dont know what breed or strain my 2'' short-body FH is... will you help me to ID my Flowerhorn

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  2. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    oh wow I have no idea sorry but that is one gorgeous fish!!

    I need to see if I can fit in another tank!

  3. brennan2010 Initiate Member

    Idk what that is all I can say it looks alittle like a parrot cichlid so you might have a mix breed but not sure. Good lookin fish!
  4. btate617 Well Known Member Member


  5. crazy4fish_123 Member Member

    what a beautiful fish you have looks like a parrot mix but dont know what kind