Id Help Required For Female Bnp... Question

  1. Ddreemz

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    I have a successful breeding pair of BNP's.

    The female has a very interesting pattern on her back, and has passed this to many of the babies. I am hoping to properly ID her ;-)

    I have included pictures of my male and various babies as well.

    My pair of BNP's have had several batches of hatchlings, the last batch was 170 babies !!!

    Hoping someone can help ID her; and the male as well.... I'm fairly new to Bristlenose Plecos.

    Thank you in advance, Cathy



    Female with patterned baby

    Male & Female together


    170 babies from single breeding...


    Male with babies (from 4 different hatchings)...

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  2. fissh

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    Wow, 170 is a huge spawn! Your female looks like a brown BN with a neat pattern. But to be sure you might want to post the pictures on or
  3. Mcasella

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    I find that pattern standard for most of the brown females I have had (even my green dragons have this pattern).
  4. DoubleDutch

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    Most BN's are crossbreds of all kind of Ancistri. That's why they are often reffered to as Ancistrus "cf" (looking like) cirrhosus

    A "type" that doesn't exist in the wild.