Id help, please

  1. slashgash Member Member

    I just recieved a 20 gallon tank from someone off craigslist, with some fish. They told me the fish were sunset platys, some kind of tetra, and an algae eater. I need help figuring out what kind of tetra and what kind of algae eater. Here is the algae eater:


    sorry its such a bad picture, taken with a cell phone camera. If you need a clearer picture i can get out my digital camera.

    And heres one of the tetras.

  2. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

  3. slashgash Member Member

    You're right about the chinese algae eater. But I just looked on google, and the tetras look like black skirt tetras.
  4. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    That does not look like a BlackSkirt tetra... It isn't black :D and yes that does look like a Chinese algae eater. They aren't exactly a great community fish. Research it to make sure you want to keep something like that. If I'm not mistake, they get pretty big.
  5. slashgash Member Member

    The pictures of black skirt tetras i saw on google are silver with black vertical lines and a black fin that kinda looks like a skirt. And thats what my tetras look like. lol. And ill definately research the chinese algae eater.
  6. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

  7. slashgash Member Member

    No, the picture i took was just crappy. lol. It looks eaxctly like the black skirt tetra.
  8. slashgash Member Member

    Im going to take a better picture
  9. slashgash Member Member


    This picture is a little better, but not much
  10. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    I would say you may have two different kinds.
  11. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Those look like stressed out black skirt tetras.

    Then I agree the algae eater looks like a CAE
  12. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Nope those are definitely Blackskirts. They sometimes don't show as much color as others and they don't photograph well. Plus, being so common in the pet trade, it is more likely that it is a Blackskirt and not a Silver Tetra.
  13. slashgash Member Member

    Thank you for all the help :)

    Im not going to keep this chinese algae eater though, from what ive read they can grow to be 11 inches and are very aggressive as adults. I dont want my fish eaten and a 20 gallon is too small for an 11 inch long fish