Ick Or Injury?


hey guys,

So I’ve got a black skirt tetra that sometimes ‘fights’ with another white skirt one in the tank. I saw what looked like crinkles or bites in the black skirts fins and assumed it was an injury, but since he never seemed to hide/show signs of stress I let him be.

However now I’m seeing a few more and am worried he might have ick or some disease (he’s acting perfectly healthy however). The other fish in the tank are super vibrant, parameters are very good with nitrates hovering around 5 ppm (I have a very heavily planted 30 g).

I’ve attached pictures - if he is sick should I quarantine him in a 1 gal and treat him/ would I have to treat the entire main tank?

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Also it’s worth mentioning that there’s 3 Amano Shrimp and 1 dwarf crawfish in the tank, so if medication is necessary I don’t want to hurt them


Doesn’t look like Ich, but it is beat up pretty good, torn fin and busted fin, as you can see from the white spots.

Try doing a larger water change. That will help promote growth. Also the white spots is similar to one breaking a bone in the hand or foot. That will take time.

Do you have just the one black skirt? If so they are best in groups.

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