Ick In My Fish Tank Helping My Pleco

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Jacey, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. JaceyNew MemberMember

    Ick in my tank killed all of my fish except the algae eater (pleco) he's on 2 weeks of treatment with ick cure, turned up the heat added an air pump seemed to work great fast i'm worried i won't know when to add him with the other fish, we put him in a new tank when all the others passed but now i want to get more fish and i have a different tank, when can i incorporate him (pleco) into my other freshwater tank without killing other fish.. he has patches on him that look like scratches and not what i've been watching when they come out of him to heal him i took pics could i show you please give me something i know 2 weeks is usual for ick treatment but then somewhere said 2 weeks after you see the spots are fully gone and i'm so suspicious of putting him in with others his name is hoover, you can't see how light it is but its almost like hes been skinned, and the other spot is like a scrape against white but it doesn't look like the ick i've seen and i've been watching him..
    don't worry the filter doesnt have anything in it we've been keeping it on because he likes the air it gives out and his lettuce is easier to reach here's my photo of him

  2. PictusbossValued MemberMember

    just keep treating. If he is acting healthy he should be fine. once there are is no white spots or patches on him you can add him to your tank. You said that he looks like he has been skinned. If that is white patches and dots, your fish is still infected and you should not add him to your tank. Also, that is a common pleco, and he will eventually get 2 feet long. you will eventually need to upgrade unless you have a tank pushing 100 gallons.
  3. PictusbossValued MemberMember

    You have been doing everything right so far. Just continue to treat if there is any white spots or patches that shouldn't be there.
  4. JaceyNew MemberMember

    thank you so much i really appreciate it

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