ick - finrot - ick- finrot - does one normally follow the other?


I am so confused!!!!!!! ???

I have now had ick and then fin rot!!!

I had ick the second time after getting new fish and have now had my tank looking free of it for the 3rd week.......now if looks liked the glowlight tetras have finrot again???? ???

Does this make sense that you would get one right after the other twice in a row??

Thanks for anyones help....




I guess it's possible..they may be that stressed out. I had a little clown loach with skinny and after he was cured of that, he got a little fin shreddage.


Did you quarintine the new fish before adding them? Ich and finrot are pretty common diseases, and if new fish aren't quarintined there is a large chance of them introducing the disease to your other fish. Although, finrot is not all that contagious--it is usually caused by poor water quality. What are your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, and temp readings? What size is the tank, and what & how many fish are in there? What do you add to your water? Sorry about all the questions, they will just help us figure out what may be wrong.


I've had to treat ich and nipped fins before. I found that Melafix works great for the fins. Of course you have to take your carbon based filter out while treating, about 6 to 7 days I think it was.


Ich needs raised temperature to 85 degrees for at least 14 days to go away. (kill the parasite) and yes the finrot can follow since it is also a cool water situation, but it usually means Melafix or something else to treat for healing to completely clear it up also. It sounds like you are just not treating long enough, be careful or you will have a super disease that won't respond to any treatment.

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