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    So here I am at 1:00 a.m. turning the heater up in the 45g and adding salt. Shortly will do a 30% water change. Also added another 3" airstone. Paz, my male BN has Ich..:mad:. A few grains of the undissolved salt got into the water and one of the stupid (I hope not terminally) Bows ate one! Nobody else has any signs of Ich. I hope I don't lose Paz or any of the Bows, OR any of my lovely plants from the salt, though the 30% water change should help. :helpsmilie:(I'm going by a treatment plan from Planet Catfish; a woman whose used this even for very young BNs.)
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    Thanks for the additional information! I'm still trying to get the temp up. Put a second heater in the tank. I did a 30% water change last night so took a lot of the salt out. Everybody's still doing well; nobody else showing signs of Ich...
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    ICH is something that just about all of us deal with at some point. Seeing that you caught it early you should have no problems if you follow the suggestions given to you. keep us posted :).
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    I remember this from long, long ago too! Got our meds from the friendly pharmacist. Something to be said for small towns, which Midland isn't any more. Still no signs on anyone else except, of course, the other BN in the 10g tank - which is where I will have to put my new arrivals (7 baby BNs) :-[ But I have raised the temp. in that tank (much easier to do than in the 45g) and done a water change. I think I'm going to be doing a lot of water changes / vacuuming for the next couple of weeks!
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    When I had ICH back in the day before I got it through my thick head to ALWAYS QT. I did vacuuming every other day and seemed to make sense to me when knowing how the life cycle of this protozoa functions. I tended to use meds but know that the temp and water changes work fine with out stressing them with the meds. ICH isn't so bad when you catch it early!
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    We always used meds back then too but some of the plecos can be sensitive to them. Everybody's still acting fine and nobody else shows any spots. (I got all these fish at the same time so they were quarantined together in the 45g so to speak.) Once all this is over with and I have the 8g cycled I can have a better quarantine setup.