ich wont go away!

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so my fish had ich. I did the natural cure for a month. everyone was fine but my yoyos they were still rubbing a little bit. I waited 2 weeks and everything stayed the same. yoyos would rub here and there but really not much. I went to get two more yoyos had them in qt for a week. I know the place where I got them the owner is very good fish keeper. he had them for 3weeks and said they were doing great. they seemed ok the the qt tank one just hid most of the time, in one lil cave I gave them. he wasn't really eating and I had a hard time getting him out of the bag, hope I didnt hurt him. I put them in the main tank and the big one that was hiding ran right to some rocks and hid. the other seemed fine swimming with the other yoyos. the big guy for almost 2 weeks had been hiding and poping out to chase any other yoyos away. he will come out at night but dosnt even come out to eat. I noticed he was rubbing alot. so I uped the temp and started doing daily water changes. now I have noticed other fish rubbing.

my tank is heavly planted and hard to vac. I haven't had any deaths for over a month but am getting sick of this. I bough some quick cure and am considering adding this to get rid of the ick. dose anyone have experience with this med?

I can't get the yoyo that hides to come out and eat. I put some flake food in his hiding spots but have no idea if he eats it. I should mention he is the biggest yoyo I have. when he comes out he dosnt act like the others. he chases the others and rubs alot! he rubs more than any of the others ever have. I have not seen ich spots from the second day of treatment over a month ago.
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what temperatures you have them at also if you can't vac the gravel due to planted nature of the tank pull the fish out into a hospital tank and leave the planted infected tank fishless for however long is necessary to make the ich die off or crank the temp to 90 once the fish are out of there. treat the fish in a bare bottom hospital tank.
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the temp has been at 86f.

the only prob with that is the 33g is fully stocked and all I have is a 10 and 5 gallon for QT. the fish will be way to aggressive to put into the smaller QT tanks.
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I always take my temp to 88 when treating ich. 86 is right at the boarder line of killing it off and I don't trust that the aquarium thermometers are 100% accurate or that there could be a colder spot here or there in the tank. My fish have never had an issue at 88F for several weeks at a time and it has cured it every time for me.

My one experience with quick cure was not good. Treated with it for 3 days and lost 4 fish while ich just got worse...did a 50% water change and replaced carbon in filter and started on heat and cured it up with no other deaths.
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if dealt with ich before but kinda getting upset this time.

I will raise it to 88f and try that for a couple weeks, but then I'm on to meds.
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I've never used it before but throwing it out, how about Ich Attack (organic) with heat treatment?
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I used ich attack with my bettas and heat with no ill effects.

I almost bought some but don't know how much it really helps. I might go buy some tomorrow.

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