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    I posted in the past about having ICH in my 47 gallon aquarium. The rosy barbs that all had ICH now are dead all 5 of them eventually died over the past month with the last one dying 2 days ago. All of the other fish look fine with no signs of ICH, 1 cory who was injured in the past appears to have a fin problem but no signs of ICH. Should I leave the temperature up at 84 to 86 still for one more week, we have done several water changes and have vacuumed the gravel and the ich appears to be gone. Anyone have any ideas what to add to help fix the fin on my hurt cory that wont hurt any of the other fish would also be great to hear.
  2. iloveengl

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    I'd keep it high for at least two weeks, even if you don't see any white spots - they could still be lurking and you want to make sure everything is dead in all of its reproductive stages.

    What exactly is wrong with your cory's fin? :(

    That really stinks to hear about your poor barbs. :( I'm sorry they passed away.
  3. Aquarist

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    Hello JMullen. So sorry to hear about your fish loss. Agreed. Your temperatures should be raised for a total of a full two weeks. If after 2 weeks you're not seeing any signs of ICH then you can reduce the temperature slowly.

    Was the Cory Cat picked on by your Barbs? The best thing you can do for him is to keep his water as pristine as possible. You could add a drop or two of garlic juice to his food or directly into the tank (from the grocery store, minced garlic in a jar) or Garlic Gard from the pet store. Garlic is an immune system booster and food enhancer for fish and for humans. Too, Vita Chem will aid in his recovery. As long as the fin isn't damaged to severely then it should grow back with pristine water conditions.
    Best of luck.