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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by annewaldron, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. annewaldronValued MemberMember

    All the fish in the main tank look good. There is one small Ich spot on one of the rainbowfish, but 3 days ago there were 3 spots total on two of them, so I'm counting this as an improvement. After moving the second heater to the QT tank, the temp in the main tank has been holding at 86.5-ish (which is better than before for some reason- I've kept the room temp up in the apartment which is probably helping), and if the one spot goes away within the next day or so, then I'll consider it a win, keep the temp up for another few days, do a thorough vacuum, and start to lower the temp slowly. It seems that additional problems started happening after the temp went above 87, so I'm hoping I don't have to go there again.

    I've been feeding garlic-soaked food- a couple smaller feedings per day. LFS manager suggested keeping their metabolisms up by feeding more often.

    It's day 4 of Maracyn 2 (and 3rd day after adding Coppersafe) in QT. Tetras in QT are looking good. Energetic, chasing and displaying. I need to get the light fixture over that tank so that I can check them more closely (flashlight isn't working). The water is pretty cloudy from the meds. (Ammonia is testing 0)

    Hopefully it wasn't a poor decision to hold off on the Maracyn 1. I was hoping to cure this without messing up the cycle in the QT and having to deal with that too.
  2. annewaldronValued MemberMember

    Checked the main tank a little bit ago. No spots! So...now I need to determine how long to keep up the heat. Planning a water change tomorrow and will do a thorough vacuum. Any suggestions on when to start lowering the heat?

    Tomorrow is day 5 for the Maracyn treatment in the QT, I assume if all looks well, I should be able to clear out the meds with charcoal and water changes on day 8-10 and move the fish back to the main tank on day 11? And time the main tank temp lowering so that the temp is back to normal by the time I'm ready to move fish from the QT?

    Or should I not be so hasty and leave the fish in the QT for longer than 11 days?

    Would love some advice on the timing of all of this.
  3. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I would keep the temp up for another 7 days.

    There is no good that can come from moving fish prematurely, so I would suggest waiting a week after everything is back to normal in both tanks. Then after that, I would consider putting them in.
  4. annewaldronValued MemberMember

    Makes sense. I'll do that. Thanks!

    One thing: I tested water in the QT for ammonia again tonight (the cloudy water always makes me nervous, so I've been testing 2x/day) and this time I tested nitrites and nitrates. I got back 0/0/scant NO3.

    Should I be worried about the cycle having crashed in the QT? I did do one quick vacuum (removed only about a half gallon of water) just to clean out some of the poop (these tetras are poop machines!) so there hasn't been a lot of detritus hanging around in there.
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