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Ich Turned Into A Fungus /bacteria Infection

  1. p0tluck94

    p0tluck94 New Member Member

    So I have many posts on my tank getting ich, I have a planted 55 gallon tank, 3 clown loaches 8 rainbows, 6 ornate tetras 6 lemon tetras, all infected, I tried doing the half dose of rid ich plus but the loaches could not tolerate it, so I decided to just do the heat treatment, over the last 2 days my other fish are doing good but my loaches are not, I found this on one of them tonight and it has me freaked out because it does look like columanaris but not really if that makes sense, I dont know what it is, how to treat it in a tank that's 87° and even if it is treatable , I don't have a qt tank to put the loaches into to treat them separate, im in dire need of assistance and help I will be crushed if I lose one of my loaches to the point im afraid I will just give up the hobby even though I love my rainbows too. baa5b288c5930b390b767d9c1a90427b.jpg add0dd84ea513d4aab4bd81a72e81807.jpg

    Should have put water tank water parameters

    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 20
    Ph 7.4
    Water temp 87 (treating ich) usually 78

    1 aquaclear 110
    1 aquaclear 70
    2 4" disk air stones (just for aeration Cause
    Of the elevated temp)

    Tank maintenence
    25% pwc's weekly sometimes 30% depending on nitrate as my ammonia and nitrite are always zero

    Cobalt spiraling flake 2x a day very small amounts m-wed-fri (morning not nighttime)

    Frozen Hikari blood worms I cube on Tues
    Cobalt tropical premium flake on Thurs and sun again small amount 2x a day
    Friday night and Saturday are fasting days
  2. Kellye8498

    Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    You are only feeding blood worms and nothing else? You should add another good food for them. I also wouldn't fast them for two days in a row but that's just me. I would treat the loaches separately so you don't mess up your cycle with meds. Sometimes bad things happen in the hobby but don't let it get you down. I know it bums you out and makes you want to give up but sometimes fish are just not well in the first place and nothing you could have done or not done could have changed that. If something happens to the loaches I would just wait a little bit to make sure the tank is healthy and then purchase more to replace the ones you're missing and quarantine them properly for a few weeks before adding them to your tank so you don't accidentally introduce anything bad to the tank.
  3. OP

    p0tluck94 New Member Member

    No typed out what I feed, I feed spirulina flake on mon-wed-fri( only morning on Friday none at night) tropical. Cobalt flake in thurs /sun then I fast from Friday night through until Sunday so a day and a half, I don't know what that is on his face, but if it's what I think it is I had it before and it killed 21 fish called columanaris.

    EDIT: Whatever that was is gone now and I saw a stringy worm looking thing come out, looked it up and that's the parasite coming out of the fish