Ich turned Fin Rot?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Leen, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. LeenNew MemberMember

    I am currently handling an ich problem in my tank of neon tetra. I have the temp raised and am currently treating with ich attack. Slowly but surely, the ich is starting to clear up, but last night I noticed a few of my tetra's back fins had white spots on only the tips. They looked a litle but bigger than ich spots but none of the fins looked like they had been nipped at, with the exception of one fish. Could ich cause fin rot? If not, could this possibly be fin rot? I'm starting to get frusturated because I'm trying to get rid of the ich and now I might have another disease to deal with. None of the fish have lost their appetites and in fact play and swim together as if nothing is wrong. Also, the water parameters are very good. When I tested yesterday they were:

    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 20

    The Ich Attack medication I am using does no recommend water changes as it will weaken the medicine. But as I've learned on this sight, gravel vacs are necessary because that is where the ich spores live. So I have been doing small water changes so that I can clean the gravel and have increased the dosage, because the novalek.com sight said that would be okay with more serious infections. Does anyone have any ideas? Any input would be greatly appreciated because I'm not quite sure what I should do now. Thanks ;D
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    Sorry you're having to deal with problems in your tank. It could be finrot and you can treat it at this point by making sure the water parameters stay as good as possible. I wouldn't recommend mixing meds for both conditions. Monitor it closely and lets see what it does. It could judt be ICH on the fins.
  3. LeenNew MemberMember

    Okay sounds good but am I going to have to start another med once the ich is cleared up to take care of the fin rot? I'm almost positive one fish has fin rot. The ends of the fin are white and look somewhat frayed.
  4. JrobberWell Known MemberMember

    Sounds just like what is happening in my tank, too. Would be interested to know if more treatment is necessary?
  5. Prince PowderWell Known MemberMember

    ICH does not directly lead to fin rot, but once a fish gets sick for any reason it lowers their immune system and leaves them open to all kinds of secondary infections. Medicating fish causes a good deal of stress as well and high stress will also compromise a fish's immune system. I wouldn't recommend using meds to treat the fin rot right after you've treated for ICH. Particularly since you're not 100% sure it is fin rot. You'll need to do some good sized water changes as well as running fresh carbon in your filter for at least a few weeks to get the ICH meds out. Plus it will be extremely stressfull to your fish to go from one med directly into another, not to mention that some meds should not be mixed with others and if the ICH med isn't all gone the combination of meds could be lethal. All that stress will further compromise their immune systems and make it harder for for them to fight off the illness naturally. The best treatment for fin rot is actually fresh, clean water. Once you've finished the ICH treatment I would begin upping your water changes to about 25% every other day and the fin rot should clear up on it's own. Once it's cleared up then your regular water changes should keep it from coming back as long as you are doing them frequently enough and they are large enough.