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I’ve currently got to treat for what I think maybe internal parasite as I lost a fish through dropsy and I also have ich.
- Firstly can you treat at the same time?
- Secondly, when I’ve researched ich treating the videos say they treat day 1, 24hrs they do it again with water change and repeat this process of dosing and water changing for Upto 5 days to capture the ich life cycle. I am querying this as the treatment bottle says x2 dose, day 1 then on day 4 - not daily. Is it harmful to do as per the you tube guidance I.e daily? And is the x2 dose instruction on the bottle just a guide?
- lastly, I lost a fish through what I think was parasite induced dropsy and I have done x1 dose out of the two(second due tomorrow). I’ve read that ich can be more harmful to fish through suffocation if not treated early, does this mean to halt the parasite second dose if you can’t treat together and.... proceed with the ich treatment first. I’m mindful because the bottle says don’t treat with other medications for at least a week and I don’t want to leave the fish that long without ich treatment
- one more thing is I do have plants with substrate under gravel which I don’t syfone too deeply as it will suck it out. Will this prevent me treating the ich effectively ? I have two small areas I just keep the plants for this reason

I’m going back to basics and will be doing a water check and clean tonight to start the process so any advice is much appreciated.

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