Ich Treatment?

I brought home 5 baby blushing skirt tetras and since I didn't notice anything and I still don't have very many fish in my tank I dropped them in and the next day realized they had ich. I separated them immediately and used rapid cure and they all seem to be doing alright. However now 3-4 days later I noticed a few on my neons. I have kuhlI loaches in my tank and I'm not sure if the canister filter has carbon in it (got it used and already cycled) so I'm reluctant to use the rapid cure on the tank. Is there any other method that would still be safe for my loaches? I have 14 neons, 14 skirts (10 blushing 4 gold/white), and 6 kuhlI loaches in the tank and the temp usually sits around 76F. I read that raising the temp and using salt can work but I'm not sure if that'd be safe for everyone. I can remove the loaches and put them in another tank for a short while but I want to make sure that I can add them back to the big tank fairly soon after and not worry about any meds killing them. Any help would be appreciated
I have 4 air stones, 2 on each side of the tank as well as an extra hob filter so I hope that I should be enough. WHat temp am I trying to get to and how long does it need to stay that way?

It's all in the blue hyperlink, just click. But short answer, 86F for 2 weeks.
Yes, and don't use salt. I treated ich with kuhlis and was advised not to use it on them.

Heat alone will work, coupled with water changes. Don't be tempted to lower the heat because you don't see the spots - like maggie thecat says - 2 weeks, with every or every other day water changes (vacuum well so you are catching the spores and getting rid of them).

Put the heat back down gradually after 2 weeks have passed. If you see new spots on any fish, start the clock over again. Good luck!

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