ICH- Treatment- HELP????

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    I went on a trip this week and I left the fish in the hands of my family. A family member decided to put a fish she had gotten from a friend in my aquarium on Monday. I returned today to find my flame dwarf gourami colorless and with white spots all over its body. He is currently laying on the ground and will not greet me as he usually does. As well I noticed that some of my neons and cherry barbs have a few spots of ich as well. I am afraid I will lose my gourami tonight and want to prevent that ASAP. What treatment should I go with? I read that raising the temp may help, but with the state that some of my fish are in I am thinking of going with medication. Any advice? What should I do?
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    I would be very heart broken to see my gourami pass, as he has such a great personality - thanks
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