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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by spartanfish, May 22, 2018.

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    Hey folks. I have a 29-gallon that I've had going for about 18 months. Previously it was stocked with 2 clown loaches, two angels (male and female) and four black neons.

    I set up a 55 gallon about a month ago. The only fish that permanently moved over to the 55 permanently was the bigger male angel (had moved both, but they kept fighting so I split them up).

    Into the 29 went 5 tiny odessa barbs and 5 tiny rummynose tetras. I figured I'd grow them out a little bit and perhaps move them over to the 55. The clown loaches, both still small but fat and happy, are staying in the 29. The 55 is planted and this particular pair shreds everything but java fern. So...sorry you can't have a bigger house, but that's what you get when you destroy plants.

    Anyway, current stock is:

    29: 1 small-ish female angel, 2 small clown loaches, 5 tiny odessa barbs, 5 tiny rummynose and 4 black neons

    55: 1 bigger male angel, 6 Columbian tetras, 2 moonlight gouramis , 3 small denison barbs (roseline sharks) and 2 otos. Everyone really gets along great - it's a miracle.

    It's been about two weeks since I added the new fish. Just yesterday I noticed Ick in the 29 gallon. Several white dots on both clown loaches, not one single dot on any of the many other fish in the tank. Those loaches have been in there for 18 months without issue, so this is a bummer.

    I went and bought Marineland Ick Remedy (liquid) and Tetra Ick Guard (tablets) and began dosing the Tetra product yesterday night at 2/3 strength. As of this morning, no less white dots on the clowns, but still no white dots on anyone else. So I guess that's good. Everyone, including the loaches, acting totally normal and hungry. Also good.

    I will do water changes and continue to dose until at least 48 hours after I see all white dots gone.

    Anyone else use this product before? It's malachite green without formalin. I suppose it's going to kill my nerites, but I've read conflicting reports - some say that it's harmless even to snails when dosed properly.
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  3. OP

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    No more white spots for two days, but it appears both of the loaches are on death's door. The one is having a hard time swimming and is breathing very rapidly. I think even though I dosed 2/3 on the malachite that it may have really harmed the loaches. They were totally fine through the first two days of treatment but took a nose dive today.

    I used carbon to remove the last of the medication, but I fear it's too late.


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