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Ich symptoms gone in 2 days?

  1. lfabb

    lfabb Valued Member Member

    Since this is my first aquarium I have been hyper aware of everything with my fish and their environment. I had a sick platy pass a few days ago and immediately noticed symptoms of ich on the other 2 platies. My neons and 3 guppies seemed unaffected. I immediately over the course of 12 hours increased the heat to 86 degrees and changed 50% of water every day including light gravel vac. Also fed fish with garlic soaked food. Within 24 hours noticed ich spots dropping off so changed water again and gravel vac'd lightly hoping to catch those darn parasites. 2-3 days later 0 symptoms of ich on any fish (still changing water every day in case) and all fish are eating, playing and sleeping all normally. Is it possible I caught the ich quickly and acted quickly? Seems really quick for everyone to seem so healthy since I've read it gets worse before better? All water parameters are good and ph is 7.4. Planning on keeping the heat elevated for the full 2 week period and will now probably change water every other day.
  2. ashleyb

    ashleyb Valued Member Member

    Good job, I applaud you for using the heat only method successfully. Keep doing what you're doing and definitely carry out treatment for the full two weeks. Good luck!