Ich Questions, This Is Not Gonna Be Fun....

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by OnTheFly, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Sorry for not launching an intro thread but I have a fairly urgent question. I'll try to not leave out pertinent facts, and try not to write a novel. :) Please ask questions if I am unclear. This is complicated.

    I am Dewayne from Iowa. Active aquarist from 1970s-1990s. I have a clue, but some of my "knowledge" is clearly proven faulty with time. Started back in the hobby about a month ago. I have four tanks. Several cycled, and a couple getting very close. Some were cycled fishless with ammonia, some with fish. It has went well mostly. I have a 10G fully cycled, and two 5.5G and a 60G that have a decent bacteria colony and the spikes appear over. I have a fair number of fish as I have been picking them up as I find decent stock (not easy) around here.

    Here is the problem. I have an Angel that hasn't been eating for about a week. She ate the first day I brought her home and then became timid. I put her in quarantine a few days ago because I suspected something was wrong. And a cory to clear up the food she won't eat. Today a couple ich spots popped on the Angel. I turned up the heat and will raise it through the day. Long ago I used salt and meds with success. Didn't lose many fish. I will skip the salt as it probably does more harm than good. I now know meds will kill my good bacteria so just dosing all the tanks is probably a bad idea. The bigger picture is I have a lot of nice fish in numerous tanks that have been exposed to the sick angel for at least a few days.

    60G- 10 Blackskirts and a few corys. Extremely active with good appetities. WCs are a huge hassle in this tank because I have a water softener and bypassing softener means bypassing water heater. Ice cold well water. Well under 50 degrees F.

    10G- 7 Beautiful Lemon tetras and a few corys, plus a pair of nice guppies I intend to breed. NO signs of disease yet but the angel lived here for a week. They have definitely been exposed. Easy water changes in the 10G.

    5.5G-Female guppy about to drop fry, and a cory, no signs of disease, but she was exposed. Easy water changes.

    5.5G quarantine tank- Sick angel and a cory, easy water changes.

    Bottomline is one sick fish, four tanks that I don't want to kill all the tank cycles, and 20 more fish exposed to Ich even though they don't show any symptoms yet. Obviously I don't want to fight this from tank to tank for six months.

    My initial thought is dose the angel in the 5.5G and start that cycle over. I can't put all my fish in the 5.5G so if this escalates, convert a larger tank to a hospital and dose the entire population.

    I'll stop typing for now. And yes I have learned a lesson. :( Happy Easter to all.

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    I'm not sure the typical ich medications (malachite green) will kill a biofilter. Of course, I would be testing water often when there's any doubt about the biofilter's health.

    If you do end up with an outbreak in your other tanks you could try quinine in a gel food (it's dangerous when dosed in the water). That will almost certainly not harm the biofilter. Fish not eating can be given a traditional treatment in separate tanks.

    The control of ichthyophthiriasis by a medicated food containing quinine: efficacy tests and ultrastructure investigations
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    Thanks Dave. I will look into that option. If not locally available, I need to get supplies ordered because the chance of an outbreak seems high given my poor practices. I definitely need to learn how to sanitize nets and maintenance equipment as I intend to launch more small breeder tanks soon.
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    Thanks for the replies. I found some malachite green today from Marineland. I actually had no other options as it is a holiday and most stores were closed. It also appears to be a bio-filter safe product. No other fish show symptoms at this time.
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    As a side note, make sure your tank water isn't still up to 86 when you add the ich medication :)
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    I've been adjusting the heater up slowly all day. Most of the spots were gone within a just a few hours of putting meds in the tank so I am optimistic I caught it early enough. Not out of the woods until she eats though.
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    I am going to recommend SeaChem's ParaGurd.
    I use it for ich, it worked great!
    Doesn't compromise your BB.
    You WILL have to do frequent gravel/sand vacs, though, regardless of how you choose to treat.

    I don't think I'd worry unless you actually see more ich in other tanks.
    Take it one step at a time, is my opinion

    I think ParaGuard is just one of those products that is great to have on hand for "what ifs"
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    Thanks to all for the advice. I like all the SeaChem products I have tried so far. I do need to be prepared for the common fish ailments. I spent about as much on gasoline than med costs. Drove all over the place trying to find a product that didn't sound like snake oil. Nothing against herbal remedies, but when you have an accurate diagnosis and a quarantined fish, I'm not sure why you would't just use an anti-biotic known to work quickly at half the cost?